Property Management

With over 3 million square feet of managed portfolio, Eagle Commercial Realty Services, AMO® provides superior property management services to its clients by staffing with senior personnel and maintaining a realistic workload for its employees. We are able to anticipate and rectify property and tenant issues before they become problems. Eagle Commercial provides industry training for all employees to assure up-to-date methodologies and solutions which provide critical insights and superior results during both stable and evolving real estate markets.

Tenant Relations

The ultimate long term success of any real estate investment is predicated upon the relationship and communication between manager, owner and tenants. Eagle Commercial is well respected for its interaction with owners and tenants. Reasonable manager workloads allow each manager to spend more time communicating with tenants and ownership on issues affecting returns on investment operational issues. We respond quickly and effectively.

Financial Reporting and Analysis

We lead our peers by providing comprehensive, detailed and timely financial reporting and analysis to assist clients with their decision making process. Eagle Commercial’s accounting department and managers have extensive knowledge in preparing and analyzing financials for our owners. In addition, our managers compare vendor pricing regularly to help owners reduce cost and exceed profit expectations.


We provide highly trained and highly responsive leasing and marketing teams for our clients. We believe that ownership is best served by constantly analyzing market resources that will provide the desired results. Eagle will provide expert assistance to outside marketing firms to assure a concise and correct lease document. We will assist ownership in understanding market rates and conditions to optimize their ability to make informed decisions about their assets.


Through its Certified Commercial Investment Managers, Eagle Commercial is an elite force in the Brokerage and Leasing community, able to provide superior service in acquisitions, dispositions, leasing, and market analysis.

Acquisition Due Diligence

Eagle Commercial will assist ownership, either in-house or through experienced outside firms, with physical inspections, environment studies, appraisals, lease analysis, cost analysis, market research and risk analysis.

Receiverships/Expert Witness

The Eagle Commercial staff has over 20 years experience in acting as a Court appointed receiver in foreclosure actions and as expert witnesses for property management related issues.

Tenant Improvement Supervision

Eagle Commercial has hands-on experience in major construction management projects and tenant improvements. Jerry Marroquin and Paul Falbo have served as project managers, in charge of design development, project planning, design team selection, budgeting, contracting, administering, inspecting, and closing out projects valued up to $37M. Our knowledge is not theoretical; it is practical and comprehensive.

Development Assistance

Due to the diversified backgrounds of its managers, Eagle Commercial is able to assist its clients in assembling the best team for a development or re-development thereby ensuring on budget, and on time delivery.

Accounting Services

Eagle Commercial takes pride in its financial management of your asset. We utilize advanced accounting software; and provide you with timely, correct and complete financial reports. Eagle’s clients may access up-to -date information about their Trust Accounts via the Internet.

In-House Maintenance Supervision

With over 25 years of maintenance experience, our maintenance department offers reliable, low-cost services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our maintenance department works hard to ensure quick response and complete satisfaction with our owners and tenants.

Commercial Association Management

Eagle Commercial’s team of managers is fully equipped to handle the needs of your commercial associations. Association management includes conducting the annual or quarterly meetings, preparing budgets for the board review, Board elections, billings, transfers, and enforcement of the CC&ampR’s.

Technical Services

Eagle Commercial provides its clients with the very best in property and maintenance services through competitive bidding, and Eagle’s in-house maintenance staff. Each vendor is screened to assure each is licensed, insured and technically proficient. Each is evaluated by their ability to provide quick response and quality service without disruption of tenant or building operations.

Additional Services

When requested, Eagle Commercial can provide Owners with customized services and assistance on any project or development. These services include:

  • Preliminary plan development to assure proper materials and low maintenance cost.
  • Plan review, including site plan, landscaping and sprinkler plans, civil plans, floor plans, demising plans, mechanical plans and any tenant improvement plans to assure lower initial and maintenance costs.
  • Preliminary budget preparation to assist with project proformas.
  • Construction administrative services and Tenant Improvement coordination.
  • Lease form development (assist in formulating a standard project lease contract).
  • Assist with pre-leasing, to include initial negotiations and lease review.
  • Tenant coordination.
  • Project (construction) close-out to assure complete documentation.
  • Assist with mortgage requirements including coordinating estoppel certificates, SNDA’s, tenant improvement draws, and more

As part of its normal management services, Eagle is always available to assist outside brokerage firms to assure conformance to owner’s philosophy. Eagle will also assist owners with the selections of the right brokerage firm for leasing.

Total commitment

“I have had 30 years of experience in the business, and this is the first time that I have had the pleasure of dealing with a truly professional property management firm. Our property manager and Eagle Commercial are nothing short of amazing to me. They are very service oriented, on top of their commitments, and very proactive to serving the needs of the landlord. I highly recommend Eagle Commercial to other property owners who could benefit from their professionalism, experience, and dedication to excellence.”

Householder Group, Scottsdale AZ

E-Payment Service


Eagle Commercial offers secure, online payment services for property management clients via US Bank.